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Topdon TD309 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool OBDII Reset Code Reader Tool


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Topdon TD309 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool OBDII Reset Code Reader Tool

Topdon TD309 a basic but useful OBD2 scan tool, it is specially designed for car owners who like to work on their vehicles at home. Working on most cars with OBD2 protocol, this code reader helps you read and clear trouble codes, turn off the check engine light, view freeze frame data, and retrieve vehicle information. Get diagnostic work done on your own with TD309 and save your time and money.



Reads and displays DTCs

Erases DTCs

Reads and displays I/M monitor status

View freeze frame data

I/M readiness monitor status

Reads and displays VIN

Resets and turns off the MIL

Easy to use with one plug-in


  1. Vehicle Emission Test and MIL Turn-off of the OBD2 Scanner

Have you ever met some embarrassments, like getting a fine ticket for excess end gas when you are in a hurry to go to work, or the Check Engine Light is turned on again? Now you can use this OBD2 code reader to solve these problems with the greatest ease of use.

How does the I/M Readiness work for you?

I/M Readiness is an inspection program legislated by the government to meet federal clean-air standards. It will tell you whether emission-related monitors on your vehicle are operating properly and are ready for any State Emission Test or not, helping you get rid of fine tickets.

How to Turn off the MIL on the Dashboard?

This plug and play OBD2 diagnostic tool will help you find out the problem areas on the OBD system and the root causes of problems through reading codes and the supplied DTC definitions. You can easily know what to do with the problems without driving the car to the auto service center, saving money and time.

  1. Get Deeper Information by Using this OBD2 Code Reader

The OBD2 diagnostic tool can do more things for you than emission tests and MIL turn-off, like offering deeper information of live data, freeze frame, and VIN for better diagnoses.

Freeze Frame Data – The OBD2 scan tool saves the data which indicates the vehicle’s operating parameters at the moment a DTC is detected. Through the viewing of those data, you will know what kind of operating status it results in vehicle’s problems, to facilitate your repair work.

Vehicle Information – The TD309 OBD2 scanner helps you retrieve the vehicle information of VIN about specific manufacturers, years, models, body types and codes, engine codes, assembly locations and more. It helps you to correctly identify, diagnose and maintain your vehicles.

  1. Wide Car Coverage

This OBD2 code reader works on most 1996 and newer US-vehicles and 2000 and newer EU- vehicles. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about compatibility with your vehicle. We can be contacted via email, product page Q&A or via our official website.

  1. Multiple Languages

This OBD2 diagnostic tool supports a variety of languages including English, Deutsch, Dutch, French, and Spanish for you to choose from. We offer 7*24 hours quick reply to help you quickly solve any technical problems you meet.

  1. Great Ease of Use

Featuring small size for convenient carry-over, backlit display to protect your eyes, plug-and-play design for quickly starting car maintenance, built-in universal DTC definitions for easily figuring out the problems, the OBD2 scanner is definitely a brilliant choice for DIY auto repairs.


Only for Cars with 12V Working Voltage

No Live Data Viewing

No ABS, SRS, Transmission Diagnoses

No software updates are available for this scanner

Warm Tips:

If you are not sure that this tool can work on your car, please consult us about details via email, Q&A or Hotline, or get technical support on our official website.



Display: Backlit, 128 * 64 pixel display

Operating Temperature: 32℉- 140℉

Power: 8-18V

L * W * H: 109.2 mm (4.30″) * 66.9 mm (2.63″) * 17.6mm (0.69″)

Package Weight: 0.15kg (0.33lb)

Package List:

1 * TOPDON TD309

1 * User Manual

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